Known as ‘the sharp business man’ for his dapper style, Derrick Phillips is blazing a trail around the world and shows no signs of slowing down. Derrick’s optimistic persona, warm smile, eagerness to learn and infectious personality is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on anyone he meets.


With over 15 years of international travel, business, and branding experience, Derrick’s knowledge and skill set is second-to-none.  With a degree in Biology and Minor in French from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master of Business Administration from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, and A Doctorate in Business Administration, Derrick is no stranger to hard work and determination.  He’s also fluent in French and proudly served in the United States Navy as a French linguist in US Naval intelligence.


Derrick runs several successful businesses as a highly sought-after event planner, business coach, fundraiser, investor, and branding strategist.  Derrick also uses his knowledge and experience to sow back in to other business owners and non-profit organizations as a coach and trainer; while speaking to empower and inspire masses with his story.  


Derrick has traveled to well over 25 countries in his business and career, he’s served as a federal chairperson for agency grant reviews for several federal agencies and served on several task forces organized by President Barack Obama at The White House for how to reach millennials of this generation. 


Derrick is a true leader of his generation with his sights set on impacting the present while shining a light for others to follow him into the future.  In 2020, Derrick will be launching a weekly podcast, youtube channel and several  books, including“The Day the Apple Fell Far from the Tree” a book on the chronicles of children that have an absent father in order to share this story with transparency and authenticity; and fueled by his mission to:


“put my thumbprint on the world; to empower and encourage people to throw away the mask and live their best lives and to not rob the world of the gift of who they really are.” -Derrick Phillips

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The World is Your Stage, Let's Dance!

- Derrick Phillips